Splunk CLI Search

splunk cli search
splunk cli search

We can search in splunk cli search in a similar manner as in splunk web, except the search parameters are passed outside the search object to control the time limit of the search, specify the server where the search is to be run, and specify how results are displayed.

Example of splunk cli search:

search | rtsearch [object][-parameter <value>]

Search defaults:

The default value for index_earliest, earliest_time latest_time  is taken “all time” and maximum number of results is set to 100.We can specify the values as per our requirement.

Search objects(Search query):

There are different way to define search objects or search query in windows and linux:

  • In Linux it is enclosed in single quotes (‘ ‘).
  • In windows it is enclosed in double quotes (“ “).

Search parameters:

Search parameters are options that control the way the search is run or the way the search results are displayed. All of these parameters are optional. Parameters that take Boolean values support {0, false, f, no} as negatives and {1, true, t, yes} positives.

Let’s take some examples to understand this better:

  • Open cli interface and go to splunk bin.
Splunk CLI Search
  • Before starting the query type splunk in windows and ./splunk in linux


splunk search "index=main source=Superstore.csv|stats count by Region Category"
splunk cli search
  • We can limit the number of results by using maxout parameter

Example for splunk cli search:

splunk search "index=main source=Superstore.csv|stats count by Region Category" -maxout 2
Splunk CLI Search
  • We can see that results are limited to 2 as specified.
  • Similarly we can specify earliest_time as well.


splunk search "index=main source=Superstore.csv | stats count by Region Category" -maxout 5 -earliest_time -100d
Splunk CLI Search
  • Real time searches can also be run by specifying rtsearch parameter


splunk search "index=_internal" -earliest_time rt-30s -latest_time rt+30s
  • This will run a windowed search and events will be displayed as they arrives.
Splunk CLI Search

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